Saturday, January 3, 2009

Loud 'N Clear: Nobody likes you.

You know how when you see someone with a cellphone earpiece on all day as they go about their banal activities you think to yourself "Wow -- that person is important and efficient"?

No? You don't think that? You think they are no-goodniks?

See, what's interesting here is that the company that made the commercial for the Loud 'N Clear knows that, but the manufacturer clearly does not. Despite the manufacturer's claim that the Loud 'N Clear turns ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing, please note the woman who shows up throughout the spot with the "I'm on to you, sisterfriend" look on her face.

Did you catch her? Here she is:

And again:
She gives me the willies.

Stats: Only $14.99
The Loud 'N Clear listening device is cleverly designed to look like an expensive cell phone ear piece.

Pros: You can hear the pretty lady across the room at a party say "Isn't he cute? He just moved into the building."

Cons: You see the pretty lady's face turn to this expression when she notices your creepy earpiece.

Verdict: Do not buy. Unless you have neighbors like the ones in Lifetime, Wow!'s most recent review of The House Next Door. If so, buy this asap, and alienate the heck out of your hellneighbors.


  1. It's pretty rare that any media content, even an infomercial, has not just one but TWO old ladies I want to deck.

  2. Wouldn't wearing it to church be little tacky? I mean, especially if it's supposed to look like a phone earpiece.

  3. your ad says not sold in stores. well you are wrong. i have seen them in drug stores and food stores for $5.00 less. you caN'T fool me on this price your ad is another gimmick to fool the consumer. save your money paying for big ads in newspaper. yes cheaper when you get 2. but most people buy one but still have to pay shipping for both. signed. ''not fooling me;