Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cash4Gold -- endorsed by moms everywhere.

Cash4Gold's commercials are a little out of the usual purview of Three Easy Payments. You see, instead of tricking you into making three easy payments, they want to make one presumably complex, and likely nonexistent payment to you.

The gist of the scam is that you send them your old crappy gold jewelery (I'm looking at you, holiday brooch), they melt it down, and mail you a check for the value of the gold. How do I know it's a scam, you say?

This is how: the Cash4Gold guy was so hard up for people to endorse it, he had to use HIS OWN MOTHER in the commercial.

Exhibit A - Cash4Gold guy

Exhibit B - A woman who is clearly his mom. Or the Cash4Gold guy in an old lady suit.

Look at the schnoz. Look at the lips. Look at the eyes and the expression and the X chromosome. Look at how badly they both want you to use Cash4Gold.

Stats: Free ninety nine. Supposedly you even get money back.
They accept the gold, platinum, and silver jewelry.

Pros: Way to get rid of hellbrooch.

Cons: Scam.

Buy! Er... send! But only if you won't be mad if all you get in return is a heap of shame for being taken by a snakeoil salesman and his mom.


  1. I have used Cash4Gold twice and have had a great experience. They send you a check with a report on how they valued your jewelry. If you don't like the amount on the check, you just call them to get your gold back. Its a no risk proposition and sure as hell beats going to a pawn shop! I give them 5 stars. Their customer service has been excellent.

  2. Rob Cockerham at Cockeyed did a couple of nice write-ups on this company.

    In his first "The Gold Kit Surprise - Recycling Gold Trash" (, he sent for the kit, included some items he spray painted "gold" and made $1.01!

    In his second post "Cash4Gold Will Offer One-Third of the Actual Value for your Gold" (, he highlights the story of "Brent K." who got a bad offer, asked for his gold back, and was made a much better offer.

  3. I think some people may not understand the purpose of this blog. Maybe you can clarify by reviewing The BackUp, a bed-mounted gun rack !

  4. That is so him dressed up in an old lady suit! What that tells you is that this is such an awesome scamfomercial that his mom didn't even believe it enough to shoot a clip for the thing.

  5. I think his daughter is in there too - the one who says "I sent in my ring from my first marriage and got money back the VERY NEXT DAY!"

  6. PLEASE tell me you saw they had money for a Super Bowl ad. It had Hammer and Ed McMahon. A gold toilet, a gold sledge hammer. All kinds of AWESOMENESS!!!

  7. Is this the same Mike Rosenthal on Rip-off Report? Because that would be oh-so-apt:

  8. dollars for gold is offering 30% more for gold until st.patricks day lol how could they pay 30 % more if they were paying fair market value.they are rip offs .why does the goverment let this happen? and how do these people live with them selfs .they are thiefs.