Thursday, December 11, 2008

Make a little mess, don't know what to do, put it on your foot, now -- mop shoe!

For the record, I actually own mop shoes. Not these fancy guys with velcro and mind-blowing durability, but a-size-too-small $8 Linens n' Things mop slippers.

I worked out a deal with my boyfriend where he does the dishes, and I'll wear my mop shoes. By "deal" I mean I announced it, and ignored him when he screamed "WEARING THOSE MOP SHOES DOES NOT CONSTITUTE COMPLETING A CHORE."


$29.95 plus S&H for two mop shoes.
3-6 weeks for delivery
To order, call 1-800-490-9304


- Kids love them. Moms adore them. (Do dads resent them?)
- Facilitates laziness and pretending you're doing a chore.
- Can withstand weird judo chops. (Probably the reason dads are threatened by them)


- Dads hate them, I guess.


Purchase before your significant other does.

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