Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snuggie v. Slanket: The eternal struggle

Snuggie v. Slanket: What to wear when a poncho is too formal?


Both the Snuggie and Slanket are blankets with sleeves in them. They both are "one size fits all" and are designed for the lazy and cold among us.

The similarities end there.


In this corner, we have The Snuggie. Ringing in at only $14.95, this bad boy also comes with a automatic pop-up reading light -- for when you want to read, but you can't bring yourself to manually adjust a light.

The Snuggie hits below the belt when the infomercial cold-heartedly reminds us, "blankets are ok... But they can slip or slide! And when you need to reach for something, your hands are trapped inside."

Strengths: Cheap, comes with a light, makes you look most monk-y.
Weaknesses: May have crappy fabric, lame name, not famous -- yet.

And in this corner, we have The Slanket. Despite demanding a hefty price of $44.95, they must be doing something right -- all colors of Slankets are currently sold out at Here's a rundown on the Slanket from Forbes:

Strengths: Outstanding product name.
Weaknesses: Three times more expensive than the Snuggie, sold out, would force you to read in darkness.

Also -- I'd like to note that the founder seems to have only come up with the idea to cut a hole in a blanket for ease of channel changing. His mom made the prototype, someone else came up with the name, and his brother financed the venture. At worst, this man is a leech, and at best he is a compulsive channel changer -- and for that, I cannot forgive him.